Nesting Boxes

Nesting Box Installation

G&T Weed Management recognises the dramatic impact loss of habitat has had on many native animals.  

Whether it be due to fires, floods, urbanisation or any other reason, loss of habitat for native animals is imperative and if we are to ensure future populations then we need to provide them with suitable “public” housing.

With this in mind, G&T Weed Management can manufacture and install nesting boxes for a number of different animals and birds in national parks, forest areas and any area where wild life habitat has either been compromise or if it’s just to be able to provide more public housing due to growing populations.

We can manufacture nesting boxes for gliders, phascogale possums, parrots, ducks and more. We can also install cameras at each box and monitor the animal’s activity.  

Please see our Wildlife Monitoring page for more information on this.

For more information on our nesting boxes please contact us to discuss your requirements.